I am excited to introduce TWO13 Kosher Food Design Inc.!

A fabulous opportunity for TWO13 Kosher Food Design Inc. became available when the Park Hyatt hotel temporarily closed for renovations in 2017.

Chef Joan Monfaredi & Chef Raj Murugesu’s unparalleled expertise in the exciting niche market of luxury Kosher Catering convinced them, as long-time colleagues, to partner their extensive skills and knowledge in order to create an exceptional experience in food design and events. Cooking from the heart with integrity remains a long-standing mantra, and TWO13 provides the platform for elevating the kosher food experience.

To this end, we collaborate with event designers, Gorman McILveen Associates to ensure that all event details are flawlessly executed - from exclusive private occasions to blow-out celebrations.

Why TWO13? Salt is essential in the kosher meat purification process, and therefore the kosher meat kitchen. But history also tells us of the importance of salt for many other reasons other than flavouring. To this end, I was led to Leviticus 2:13... A little salt does go a long way!

Chef Joan Monfaredi

Joan Monfaredi
Executive Chef Owner
TWO13 Kosher Food Design Inc.